Jungle Island

Jungle Island is a contemporary theme park, which is a popular Miami attraction for non-stop family fun. It offers you the chance to explore, be educated, and have a great time, with something for everyone. The park features hundreds of exotic birds, including the world’s only trained Cassowary, reptiles, mammals and more! Jungle Island is made up of 1.35 miles of adventurous ground, which encompasses numerous special exhibits, attractions, shows, and tours. It is one of Miami’s most unique destinations, you must visit if you’re looking for a one of a kind experience.

Shows at Jungle Island (3PM-11PM)

Jungle Island’s 3 entertaining shows feature some of the wildest animals from around the globe.

  • Winged Wonders: takes place in the Pepsi Parrot Bowl, which exhibits some of the most beautiful, playful, and dangerous birds from all over the world. You will be able to laugh at their feathered chatter boxes, and be amazed at their 6 foot Cassowary, while experiencing the thrill of a huge vulture flying only inches above your head.
  • Tale of the Tiger: is located in the Jungle Theater featuring some of the worlds rarest big cats including 4 beautiful colors of tigers, and their human companions, in an up close, un-caged and unbelievable interaction. There is always an assortment of cuddly cubs and sometimes Blank Panthers, Lynx or Spotted Leopards make an appearance. Other animals which join the cast include Orangutans, Chimpanzees, Binturongs, Gibbons, Capuchins, Lemurs, and more!
  • Dr. Wasabi’s Wild Adventures: Takes place in Serpentarium®, where the audience is taken on a wild safari adventure through the animal kingdom. Guests meet the different wild animals Dr. Wasabi encountered on his travels, from baby Hamadryas baboons to African penguins.